Monday, January 10, 2011

~::Sixth Week::~

Doodling!!Have you heard one before??Just in case if you haven't....doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shape. (courtesy of wikipedia)
Sounds familiar???Totally!!Hahaha we tend to draw a whole lot of pictures in our note books isn't it?Although we never really mean it, but our subconscious mind lead us to. If you have crush on someone, then the girl's or boy's name will be all over the book!It was in this class when I started to realize, I always have a lot of pictures in my notes. I am a normal kid right?


Prof Dr Barjoyai explained, each picture/shape that we drew, meant a thing. If you use green, you love harmony, if you draw a box, you are limiting yourself, while black means, there is dark side in you.

The group's doodling

Thanks to this BeST Program, I had the opportunity to visit Innobio. Innobio is one of the pioneer Biotechnology companies in Malaysia. It was established in 2002, with the collaboration of Ministry of Finance. The company provides range of services such as, protein expression, yield improvement, cell banking and lots more.

With friends at Innobio's main gate

At the end of the week, Dr Roland Xavier, emphasized on 'Interesting or Important Idea' and 'NABC'. N - NEED...A - APPROACH...B - BENEFIT..C - COMPETITION. You can use this simple yet very helpful guidelines if you come out with new idea or innovation. After all, it is good to create an innovation/service, that would benefit the community and brings a lot of cash in your pocket.

Dr Roland considered our project as important


it's raining cats and dogs nowadays, so stay safe everyone...drinks a lot of water (MINERAL WATER)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

~::Welcome 2011::~

Finally, it was the end of our Communication Module. 'Artificial Petroleum' was our final project. Let me give you the very basic idea here. We are basically trying to convert agricultural waste into petroleum. Why agricultural waste?? Agricultural waste was indeed an excess waste in Malaysia. By fully utilize it, aren't we create a better environment? Yesssss! (inner thought of the writer).

It was then followed by Technical Module. Do remember, 'All new ideas are wrong ideas'. Sometimes you just have to be a little bit psycho, to create new thing. After all, it all starts with imagination. You just need to be creative. How I wish I was creative~ I need to brush up my right brain then.

Oh2 thanks to the Malaysian Football team, we were bless with one day extra of Public Holiday! Congratulation Harimau Malaya! As an avid football fan, I am glad to see every Malaysian now, rooting for our team. But you see, sometimes sport can be so cruel and mean. When you are on top, everyone wants a piece of are fantasizing to be like you and women are chasing after you all over. But once you hit down low..people will jerk at you every time you are on court.

So I beg everyone here, even if this is just a one hit wonder..please support our team, no matter what the results are. For the moment, let us rejoice the victory of being AFF Suzuki Champion! It's like back-to-back winning moment after last year gold medal in Sea Game...what a sweet memory it was~


Sabrina and Ezwan will be leaving us. They got a job offer. It's kind of sad, but's not that we can't see each other anymore, aren't we?? Technology brings people together..let's get connected! :D

++WELCOME 2011++

Saturday, December 25, 2010

~::Fourth Week::~

OMG!!!!Zack's acting was sooooo over the top!!She did so well!!hahaha everyone had a good laugh during the negotiation class. Zahirah, Fadirul and Nazreen won 'Best Actors Award'. Awesome Zack!!!!High 5!!!

From left: Fadirul, Nazreen, Zack the Awesome

This week was great. We've been exposed to interview process, public speaking and negotiation skills. It was great experience. Oh my goodness..I still can't get over Zack's acting....hahahahaha it's so hilarious!!If only I can post the video here..then you'll understand why I laugh like a psycho middle-aged woman!!haahhaah

I personally like this week the most.People start to know each other better. Break time is something everyone look forward to. Oh2, I have to finish up my Business Proposal..toodles~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

~::Third Week::~

CATCHY PHRASES ---> this is what can I conclude from the Powerful Presentation session. Being able to make couple of jokes, would bring great help in retaining the audience's interest. I definitely would remember Encik Abdullah Yunos for his Dr Romzey's jokes.

We did research on Ahmad Deedat for the Communication Skills for Leader's class. Here are some interesting facts about him:

  • Born in India, but later migrated to South Africa
  • While working as a furniture salesman, he was approached by the Christian missionary and felt offended by the accusation that the Prophet Muhammad practiced violent to spread the religion
  • His main intention was providing the Muslim with theological tools for defending themselves against active Christian missionary
  • He spent the last 9 years of his life in bed because of stroke but amazingly, he did not have bed-sore
  • He died in 2005 and his wife followed him almost 1 year later

I have to prepare myself for the upcoming session ---> Public Speaking. Instead of promp-tu, we were given the title in advance. As for me, my topic would be 'Youth Social Problem'. Need to find my materials though.


Malaysia are through to the final!!!!!!!yeayyyyyy!!!!let's fill up the Bukit Jalil Stadium!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am a Man United fan since Eric Cantona's Era..that was around mid 1990's right?? Well..since I grew up with my brother (1 year apart) you know how I got into this football craze. It is much easier when your mom is a fan too!!hahaha sometimes she would stay up with us to watch the game.

When Man U did their Asia Tour last year, I was one of the million fans that sat at the grand stand to watch the game. Bukit Jalil was superbly packed with RED shirts! They were rooting for their favourite player. I quite old school though, as I set my eyes on Giggs and Scholes..(Park Ji Sung was not there..recovering from injury).

When everyone was expecting Malaysian to be squeeze and humiliated by the most popular club ever in the world..they actually did very well!!! Huroooooooooo!!!! Man U scored the first goal~ Huuuroooooooo0000!!!! Here came the second goal~

But did you know how Malaysian reacted when Amri Yahya scored Malaysian first goal???? It was a total chaos!!!!!!!!! I would say most (everyone) people did not see it came. Amri Yahya volleyed the ball from the center line and defeated Edwin Van de Sar. I could assure you 99.9% people that actually there, did not even bother to support Malaysian team. There were less than 50 people wearing Harimau Muda's jersey ( I wore a Red shirt too).

As soon as Amri scored the first goal..everyone was on their feet!!! Cheering and clapping were everywhere!!!!! Standing ovation was not an abnormal scene. I screamed my heart out!!!!! Then came the second goal from Amri..beaten Ben was just too much...too could feel the stadium was shaken by the roaring....of course Man U won at last with 3-2 score. (they must felt really relieved then..being able to beat the rank 100++ country) hahahaha

Just before the game..I came across this stall outside the stadium, selling Harimau Muda's jerseys. Then came this little brat saying, 'Blah la Malaysia..ape kelas...kene belasah punye la karang!!!' (english translation : Malaysia is no match to Man U as they will be the English's punching bag). Right after the game, I happened to take the same road and totally dumbfounded by what I saw. The Harimau Muda's jerseys were sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woww, the little brat must not dare to show his face ever again.. Just then I much Malaysian still valued their own football team.

Malaysia then won the SEA Game's gold medal after 20++ years. We may not have another Mokhtar Dahari..but we can play as a team!!! After all, it takes everyone's contribution to win a game. A powerful team can't be build overnight....Let's cheer for our national football team!!!


Support Malaysian team for this semi final against Vietnam in Suzuki AFF Cup!!!!!!! Get your ticket now!!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

~::2nd Week::~

I totally immersed myself in the Public Speaking session. I think Mr Hisyam was very cool!! How on earth can he make the public speaking so enjoyable and fun?? (well that's when experiences played the role..isn't it??) He captured everyone's attention with his versatile attitude. He pulled it off really well!!!

Resume writing was not new for me. I just quite lost on how to write a proper cover letter. I always had it different from the others..hahaha thank Allah, I still called for the interview,even with my so-called-weird cover letter..


Just watching the legendary rockband..SEARCH on youtube..if you are a fan..check this out!! The opening sounds like Eagles in Hotel California..don't you think so?? It gives me shiver down my spine!!!!hahaha totally exaggerate that part~

Sunday, December 5, 2010


"How to Reach An Audience Through Blogging"

It is the latest trend in town now..BLOGGING. People tend to go online, instead of publishing their art works or businesses in the magazines or newpapers. Not that the conventional methods are completely forgotten, but people always go for the easiest way. People speak up more in the blog not to mention that it is a free channel too!

So, how to attract people to read your blog? An avid problem face by most bloggers is, people might not know that you guys have one! The main key here is, you have to make yourself known. It is obvious that there are thousands of blogs out there, so you have to make yours noticeable and worth it to read.

The first big step you can take is commenting on other people's blog! I could assure you, this method is totally paid off. Whenever we have a comment on our blog, we always want to know the person who is commenting. This will lead the reader to your blog, since he/she will be interested to know you better. Sometimes, this will even lead to virtual friendship.

The next thing is, made great headlines. You know how those newspapers always exaggerate their headlines? Well you might have to consider it now. Even when the overall post is not that interesting, but with a great headline, people will definitely fall for it. Let us revise an example here:

1) The underdog won the World Cup.
2) The Great Generation of Kiwis begged the title!

So which of this two will you read first??As for me, I will definitely read the second one.

Another simple yet important thing is, make your blog look as interesting as it could be. Have more pictures, great background, readable writing and fonts and perhaps simple words. You must make sure the reader able to absorb what you are trying to express. Since blogging is totally in words, people might misinterpret what you try to say. It is better to stay simple, yet the message reaches out to your readers. A good background and suitable colours also play a major role here, since you do not want your readers to get annoyed with your blog.

If you get all this right, you will have great numbers of followers...most probably be in 24 hours time! Happy blogging!